14 Day "Heroic Minute" Challenge

What is the 14 Day "Heroic Minute" Challenge?

The 14 Day "Heroic Minute" Challenge is a commitment to live out St.oseMarie Escriva's counsel to view the first moment of the day as a decisive one. In the "Heroic Minute", we can begin the day with a victory over our flesh, which are those pesky desires within us that compete with our goal of living virtuously. By starting our day promptly and in prayer, we can set the tone for all the activities which follow. If we live out this "Heroic Minute" faithfully, we can expect to see positive changes in the way we meet other, more difficult challenges throughout the day.

Read more about taking the "Heroic Minute" Challenge here:

Click here to read testimonies from those who have taken the 2014 Heroic Minute Challenge! 

Fellow Catholic blogger and Radio Show host Allison Gingras of Reconciled to You is also participating in the 2016 Heroic Minute Challenge. Check our her blog and her reflections on the challenge:

Allison's Week One Reflections on the Challenge

I was blessed to be a guest on Allison's Radio Show: "A Seeking Heart" where we talked about Conversion, the Saints, Indulgences, and St. Josemarie Escriva's The Heroic Minute. Click here to listen (or download) the podcast.  (Show originally aired on Breadbox Media April 4, 2016)

Read daily Heroic Minute Challenge Reflections here:
Day 1: The First Supernatural Reflection of the Day
Day 2: Laying the Foundation For the Day (Spiritually Speaking)
Day 3: Optimism and Perseverance
Day 4: Jesus and the Heroic Minute
Day 5: Preparing for the Heroic Minute the Night Before
Day 6: The Joy Comes With the Morning
Day 7: St. Josemarie Escriva and Rest
Day 8: The Proverb's 31 Woman's Heroic Minute
Day 9: St. John Paul II's Heroic Minute
Day 10: Offer it Up
Day 11: Mortification, the Heroic Minute and Love
Day 12: Purity of Motive
Day 13: One Small Act at a Time
Day 14: 7 Lessons From the Heroic Minute Challenge

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I linked to this today from my blog The Cloistered Heart. Thank you for a good, solid series!

    1. Hi Nancy - thanks so much for the link! I am truly humbled - I love your reflections! God bless you and your readers.