Saturday, November 1, 2014

Testimonies From the Heroic Minute Challenge

Many, many thanks to all who participated in the 14 Day "Heroic Minute" Challenge. I'd like to share with you some testimonies from people's experience with the challenge. God truly cannot be outdone in generosity. When we set our minds to knowing, loving and serving him from the moment our eyes first open in the morning, he truly does respond by showering us with grace, strength and blessing. Hearing the testimonies, struggles and victories of others has been a great source of witness and inspiration for me and I hope they will be for you too!

From Charisse T: "'Just as man cannot live in the flesh unless he is born in the flesh, even so a man cannot have the spiritual life of grace unless he is born again spiritually.'  St. Thomas Aquinas  I've done this heroic minute thing before.  I read some of St. Josemaria Escriva's writings a few months ago, taped a Miraculous Mary medal to my snooze button, and committed.  5:30am on the dot every morning for about three weeks.  Work out, prayer, breakfast, and my day was off to the kind of start I wanted.  Then, whammo!  Something happened.  Nursing baby, teething toddler, late nights, and I fell back into my old, snooze button hitting habits.  So when Saints365 posed the Heroic Minute Challenge, I knew it was time to reclaim my mornings, but in a different way.  I don't feel proud of myself anymore, for I know how quickly I can fall.  Rather, I am grateful for each morning of opportunity that God gives me.  I've realized that, as a busy mom of five, my heroic minute sometimes means popping right out of bed and heading out the door for a run, but sometimes it means staying in bed long enough to nurse the baby first.  Sometimes my heroic minute is at 10:30 at night, when I choose to go to bed with hope-filled expectations for the new day, instead of staying up late to avoid the drudgery of living the next day with despair and pessimism.  And sometimes my heroic minute is when I offer my failure to get up at the appointed time to God, with full confidence in His infinite mercy.  The heroic minute is a chance to be "born again spiritually."  As I've made better choices at bedtime and waking time, I've strengthened my will to make better choices throughout my day.  Less facebook, more prayer.  Less unnecessary "chores", more quality time with my kids.  More disciplined and efficient housekeeping, more peaceful home.  I gave God one minute, but He gave me back so many more.  One small act of the will is all it takes to open the floodgates of God's grace!"
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From Debbie R: "Your challenge to put the Lord and prayer time first in my day has been both a motivation and an encouragement to me. Although I am at a different stage in life, the struggle is still the same in many ways. When my prayer time is not disciplined, often my exercise and healthy eating struggles also. I feel like I am catching up all day and squeezing the Lord in; like I’m not ready for the day.  Your struggles mirrored mine; the perfect day, the less than perfect for a good reason, the total failure day. It reminded me that each day is a new beginning, a chance to begin again, to adjust rather than quit, the reminder of the proper order of the day and importance of priorities. You confirmed some of my own experiences on my prayer life, as well as offering new ideas for encouragement through scripture and prayerful reading. Just because I am newly retired and have the time now, it doesn’t always translate to doing what we should do. The timing of this for me was just perfect and much needed!  All teachers appreciate the “value of struggling”. Another reminder I needed myself. Reflecting on my successes, attempts and failures also led to some additional insights for improvement. We know we need Catholic community on our journey and your online blog is another way to get it!"

From Michele G: The "Heroic Minute" challenge has been such a blessing for me  From challenging me to get up earlier on these crisp cool Fall mornings, to keeping prayer at the very start of the day, to keeping any distractions from detouring me. Instead of reading the newspaper, I turned to my Bible and gave the Lord my "first fruits" of the day and was spiritually fed and blessed every time! How beautiful when the Lord led me to Sirach 6:14: "A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter. He that has found one has found a treasure." The Heroic Minute also helped me focus on how precious time is and by spending time wisely, we are truly reminded of how we do "store up our treasures" for ourselves for here on Earth and for our Eternity. Praise God from whom all good blessings flow!

From Terry R:  "A couple of years ago I got into the habit of doing just that, I wake up most mornings and usually get right down on my knees and begin the day by surrendering it to the Lord. I ask him to open my eyes and ears, heart and mind to his Holy and divine will. I tell him that I trust in him and everything that He has in store for me that day (both trials and tribulations) I ask him to help me to shine with His that I may help to glorify His kingdom here on earth. Ever since I started doing this, I have noticed a radical change in my life...especially when it comes to accepting the days little challenges...I find it easier to stay focused on the Lord and I take comfort in both the good and the bad. That one little minute with the Lord at the beginning of the day is nothing short of a miracle, and why wouldn't it be. Its the Lord himself who said "Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door will be opened to you" It really is as simple as a one minute conversation with the Lord every morning. Praise be to God, now and forever!"

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