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Shelter From the Storm

The rain pounded the windshield of my car as I tugged on the wiper controls, hoping to make my already whizzing windshield wipers go faster. My hands gripped the wheel as tight as I could and I peered out the window hoping to steer my car and my children to a safe spot to wait out the storm. We had left a friend's house only a short while before, noting the dark clouds in the sky, but not expecting that Mother Nature would unleash such a severe thunderstorm within a few short minutes. I finally settled the car into a parking spot when the wind picked up dramatically, hail started to pound the roof and the branches of the tree above us began to violently thrash about. "Let's go to St. John's..." whispered my daughter from the backseat.  St. John's was the parish which housed our homeschool co-op.  I knew it was only about a mile away, but I secretly doubted that its doors would be open in the middle of a random Wednesday afternoon.  Still, I knew we we