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Take the 14 Day "Heroic Minute" Challenge

It happened again today ... I opened my eyes to the bright morning sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. I could hear my husband shaving in the bathroom and the sounds of my children bustling around the kitchen.  UGH - I groaned and lay back on my pillow.  I did it again. All of my best laid plans for rising early in the morning, before the rest of my family, to catch up on some prayer time, study and exercise had been foiled again by the tempting lure of sleep. Why do I do this to myself? What is the Heroic Minute? The "Heroic Minute" is a phrase coined by St. Josemarie Escriva, in his famous book  The Way: The Essential Classic of Opus Dei's Founder . The book is a collection of St. Escriva's wise and challenging exhortations to the lay people whom he served as Spiritual Director. It is a timeless classic, and I have found in the past that taking his advice has richly enhanced not only my spiritual life, but also my minute by minute existence here in th

Living the Triduum on Easter Monday and Beyond

This post originally appeared on Catholic Lane's Front Row With Francis Series. The overriding sentiment which prevails at my house and in my heart each Easter Monday is the same .  It is finished.  The long 40 days of Lenten fasting, prayer and penance are completed.  The late nights of the Triduum liturgies are over.  Crumbs of the traditional Italian Easter bread and a handful of neon colored peeps are all that remain from Easter dinner.   He is Risen indeed – so why does Easter Monday always get me down? Pope Francis provides the antidote to my Easter Monday blues at his Wednesday audience during Holy Week 2015. The Holy Father highlights the “Easter Triduum of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ” as the “culmination of the Liturgical Year.”  He goes on to describe each of the events of the Triduum, their significance, and the direction they provide for living an authentic Christian life – one lived in imitation of the Paschal Mystery. The Triduum is not