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7 Favorite Quotes About the Saints

I love the saints.   I know - shocker - right?  You have probably guessed as much already. The Solemnity of All Saints Day is one of my favorite celebrations of the Church's calendar - like a big party for all of my heavenly friends. I am so inspired by reading the lives of the saints, and find in each of them some unique expression of a lived-out holiness that leads me to desire ever more fervently to be like them.  In celebration of All Saints Day, here are seven of my favorite quote about the saints - not about any one saint in particular, but about the saints in general.  Please feel free to download, pin, and share the quotes.  (please retain the Saints365 mark on the graphics). -1- This quote, from Father Lawrence Lovasik's book The Hidden Power of Kindness: A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World, One Deed at a Time , paints a striking picture of the perseverance demonstrated by the saints. The bottom line is this: holiness ain'

St. Teresa of Avila and the Joy of the Lord

I have a love-hate relationship with holy cards.  You know what I am talking about - those laminated depictions of the saints with golden halo's and pious looks on their faces.  I have a ton of them and use them as bookmarks and small gifts in birthday cards.  The problem is, the saints' images often look like they have just sucked on a lemon.  Not a lot of "joy of the Lord" on display.  St. Teresa of Avila is one of my favorite saints - I am in awe of her deep mystical life and her fearlessness in taking on the reform of the Carmelite order despite overwhelming obstacles.  She persevered in prayer despite trial and physical sufferings and was one of the great champions of the value of spiritual friendships as evidenced in her close relationship with St. John of the Cross. In addition to one of the loftiest prayer lives the church has ever seen, St. Teresa of Avila also displayed a practicality and a sense of humor that is quite legendary. Even the Lord himself w

Catholic Journal Prompts: Holy Family Edition

The Holy Family of Nazareth is the model par excellence of family life.  With so many questions about the true nature of family life running through the news and the culture, reflecting on God's design for family has never been more critical. This edition of Catholic Journal Prompts features reflections on the Holy Family and how their example can serve as a guide for all families.  As always, each edition of Catholic Journal Prompts features journal starters based on the Scriptures, the writings and lives of the Saints, as well as other personal reflections and a list of resources for further study and meditation.  Click here for other editions of Catholic Journal Prompts. Journal Prompts From the Scriptures Chapter 1 of Matthew's Gospel begins with the genealogy of Jesus - starting all the way back from Abraham and tracing Jesus' lineage down to Joseph, his foster-father. A careful reflection Jesus' family tree reveals some rather unseemly characters.