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I Live in a Factory

Last week was a rough one. Our homeschool was just two weeks into the back to school  torture , ahem, routine that occurs every September and already I found myself out of patience, out of energy, and out of gas...literally.  Turning the ignition key of my car early one morning as my kids loaded their backpacks for our once-a-week co-op, I glanced at the dashboard and saw the following sad sight: EMPTY... Beyond empty....Well beyond empty.... Empty, as in no gas left.  Empty, as in you are goin' nowhere fast sister. Empty, as in yes, you need to sheepishly creep up the stairs and ask your freshly showered hubby to attempt to locate some gas in the garage and fill it up.    A funny thing happened, though.  Instead of the reaction I was expecting from my husband (think something akin to complete exasperation plus a dash of "How many times have I told you..." thrown in for good measure), what I received was a cheerful "I'll be right there" followed b

Crisis Management 101 With Padre Pio

T his article was originally posted at Seton Magazine .   Most faithful Catholics, at one time or another, have experienced the anguish of a loved one walking away from the Lord, the Church, or both. Some live through the daily heartache of children who have strayed from the fold; others experience the often unbearable tension of living with a spouse who does not share their faith, and still more worry about the salvation of friends and relatives who are indifferent, lukewarm or openly hostile to all things to do with “religion”. Out of Options Volumes have been written about what to do when faced with these situations. There are strategies for talking to your loved ones about your faith. There are an equal number of suggestions for how to not talk about your faith and simply allow the witness of your own zeal to stir up a desire in their hearts. “How-to” guides for evangelizing family and friends abound. Sympathetic and well-meaning brothers and sisters in Christ are always