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Longing, The Holy Spirit and St. Bonaventure

The Church celebrates the Feast of St. Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor on July 15 with a beautiful selection in the Office of Readings from his book The Journey of the Mind to God ; a treatise about the ascent of the soul to the Lord. St. Bonaventure describes this ascent, this longing for the Lord as something that is possible only with the assistance of the Lord himself. The key to unlocking this flood of grace - of divine assistance, is prayer.  St. Bonaventure tells us, "This divine aid is available for all who seek it with a truly humble and devout heart, that is by sighing for it in this vale of tears by fervent prayer. Prayer is the mother and origin of every upward striving of the soul." The enemy #1 of this ascent to God is sin. "Sin", according to St. Bonaventure, "deforms nature." Once again, the antidote to sin that he prescribes is prayer and the living of a holy life. He encourages detachment in order to pursue this journey towards G

Vacations and Virtue: 7 Resolutions For Managing Summer Overhoad

Ahhh....summer vacation - long relaxing days at the pool, followed by barbecues, late nights and no schedules.  Sounds like a dream - right? Not to me.  Summer time, with its lack of a regular routine, is driving me nuts. While I enjoyed the first few days of summer vacation,  I am now panicked about undone laundry, unhealthy meals, and unfinished blog posts - a panic which is being exacerbated by lack of sleep, lack of exercise and lack of prayer-time. Am I alone in this?   My guess is no. So what's a frazzled Mom to do with the majority of the summer still stretching ahead. Surely not whine and complain about it like an overtired toddler.... Here's a few strategies/resolutions that I hope to employ for the remainder of the summer that will hopefully prevent me from becoming a poolside version of the Grinch! 1.. Count Blessings Ah, yes - the attitude of gratitude  - easy to say, even easier to forget to do. I am embarrassed to admit that I have allowed my frust