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"See how they love one another."

Around 200AD, Tertullian wrote the following quote as an expression of the astonishment the pagans of the day had when they witnessed the love and caring among the Christians: "See how they love one another." The early Christians' love for each other went far beyond pious sentimentality. Their love was tangible and practical: they took care of the sick, the widows, the orphans and the strangers both materially and spiritually. Those who witnessed their love could not help but be moved by what they saw. The good news is that this type of Christian love has not been relegated to the history books, but exists today and its ability to profoundly influence everyone who sees it is just as powerful as ever. This past month I have been deeply touched by the story of  Paul and Ann Coakley .  Their witness of faith and trust in the Lord despite the nearly unbearable circumstances of Paul's diagnosis and rapid death from cancer at the young age of 34, leaving behind his pr

Catholic Journal Prompts: Love Edition

Keeping a Spiritual Journal has been one of the most fruitful practices I have ever undertaken. The ability to articulate my prayers, struggles and victories on paper has added a depth and honesty to my prayer life. An added benefit is in looking back on my past journals and seeing the ways God has worked in my life through answered prayers and unexpected blessings. However, it is not always easy to journal.  Having some journal starters is an enormous help to overcome the menace of  "blankpaperitis". This is the first of a series of journal prompts that I would like to share.  Each set of prompts will focus on a particular theme. The prompts will be drawn from the scriptures, the lives of the saints and some other personal reflections. Please feel free to share these and add your own ideas in the comments below! This edition's theme will be on the virtue of love.... Click here for other editions of Catholic Journal Prompts Journal Prompts from the Scriptures