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St. Thomas Aquinas: Prayers Before and After Communion

I recently stumbled upon these two prayers of St. Thomas Aquinas to be said before and after receiving Holy Communion. As with much of the Angelic Doctor's writings, his words have the ability to stir one's heart to more fully experience the depths of the mysteries he is writing about.  What a gift to the church he was and continues to be. Prayer Before Communion Almighty and Eternal God, behold I come to the sacrament of Your only-begotten Son,  our Lord Jesus Christ. As one sick I come to the Physician of life; unclean, to the Fountain of mercy; blind, to the Light of eternal splendor; poor and needy to the Lord of heaven and earth. Therefore, I beg of You, through Your infinite mercy and generosity, heal my weakness, wash my uncleanness, give light to my blindness, enrich my poverty, and clothe my nakedness. May I thus receive the Bread of Angels, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, with such reverence and humility, contrition and devotion, purity and faith, purpo

January Daybook: A Snapshot Into My Life

Outside My Window... a clear, cold January morning - happy to see the sun shining after a gloomy weekend and much relieved to have dodged the fluffy white stuff so far this winter.   I am thankful... For a wonderful Christmas vacation and the fact that as a homeschooling family, our first day back to school in January does not involve venturing out into the cold first thing in the morning. I am thinking... about how often and how much I can realistically blog while writing two mega papers for a Church History class I am taking. I do so love the blog but think I may need to cut back on it for a few months till this is all completed.. I am reading... Saint Thomas Aquinas For Children and the Childlike  by Raissa Maritain with the kids and Practical Theology: Spiritual Direction from St. Thomas Aquinas  by Peter Kreeft for myself. Sensing a theme here?  The Angelic Doctor's feast day is January 28 and as a graduate student in theology and a homeschooling I call upon his int