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Practice What You Teach

My family and I were blessed this past weekend to attend the Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate in our Diocese. A young man, whose journey to the priesthood we have been privileged to witness and be part of, was being ordained along with three other men. The Ordination Mass was just heavenly. There was so much richness to the various parts of the ceremony, from the candidates lying prostrate while the choir and congregation intoned the Litany of the Saints, to the laying on of hands by the Bishop, and the vesting of the new Deacons in stole and dalmatic. One aspect of the ceremony which struck me most profoundly was when each Deacon-candidate knelt before the Bishop and was handed the Book of the Gospels, with the exhortation to  "Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach." While Deacons and Priests have a special anointing, by virtue of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, to live out this exhortation - it occurred to me sitting in the pew,

7 Lessons from Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa

Last weekend, my family and I were blessed to attend the “Awakening the Domestic Church Conference” in Norfolk, VA .  There we were privileged to hear Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, who has been the preacher to the Papal Household for the past 30 years, deliver three powerful teachings. I have read many of Fr. Cantalamessa's books and articles and have learned so much from him. Being able to hear him in person, and to witness the joy and love of the Lord on his face, was such a blessing. Below are seven things that struck me most powerfully in the talks he gave.   --- 1 --- The world changes after we encounter Jesus. Fr. Cantalamessa spoke of three scriptural accounts where the recognition of the risen Lord Jesus changed the lives of the people who encountered him.: A despondent Mary of Magdala is seen on Easter morning weeping and pouring out her grief at the Lord's death to a man whom she initially believed was the gardener outside Jesus' tomb. This "gar

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Catholic Style

Looking for gift ideas for Mother's Day?  Here are a few suggestions that will provide blessing, honor and encouragement to your Mom, Grandmother or Godmother. A Spiritual Bouquet Instead of buying a traditional (and often overpriced) bouquet of flowers, give your Mom a bouquet whose fragrance will last for all eternity. A spiritual bouquet is a collection of prayers, devotions and acts of sacrifice or service that are gathered together in a card, mini-album, or scrapbook. These prayers are offered for the intentions of the recipient.   Every member of the family can participate in the creation of a spiritual bouquet - each providing their own unique "flower" to the arrangement. If you are giving one to a Grandmother, invite all her children and grandchildren to participate. Ask everyone to hand-write a note which honors Mom and thanks her for all she has done for them. Encourage them to make the notes personal and specific. Along with the note, have everyone

May Daybook - A Snapshot of My Life

Outside My Window It is a gorgeous, sunny, spring day and the Cherry Blossom trees in my backyard are in full bloom. Days like this often leave me thinking that the color of my manufacturer-labeled "Sky Blue" shirt pales in comparison to the vivid depth of the blue sky outside. No one paints a landscape quite like the Lord and no man-made color, no matter how vibrant, can ever match the richness and the depth of the colors of creation!   View from my kitchen window. I am thinking... of a way to be able to take my children to daily Mass each day. The parish closest to us has Mass at 9:00AM, which pushes back the start of our school day until around 10AM - not impossibly late, but challenging. However, after attending a powerful conference this week with Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the preacher to the Papal Household as the keynote speaker, I was strongly convicted to try receive the Eucharist daily. I know that I am not the only homeschooling Mom who struggles w