Sunday, March 25, 2018

"Who Am I?" A Series of Reflections for Holy Week

"Who am I this Holy Week?" 

This was the question posed a few years ago by one of our parish priests during his homily on Palm Sunday. He explained further:

"Which of the people we meet in the passion narratives from the Scriptures do we most identify with?"

  • Am I Peter, full of bravado initially, but overcome by fear and unable to stand for Jesus?
  • Am I Pilate, pressured by the circumstances of the world into condemning Jesus?
  • Am I John, loving disciple of Jesus who stood at the foot of the Cross, faithful to the end?

At the beginning of each Holy Week, I ask myself this question. Each year I find that I  identify with someone different, some of whom I am not exactly proud to admit. This year, as we begin this most sacred week, let us ask ourselves which of the people present during the Lord's passion, death and resurrection do we most relate to. It is important to not be fearful of the answer, but rather to allow the Lord show us the truth about ourselves, strengthening us in our goodness, and gently correcting our weaknesses.

Beginning on the Monday of Holy Week and ending on Easter Sunday, Saints 365 will post a daily reflection entitled "Am I...." Each reflection will provide a scripture verse, an exploration of the characteristics of one of the people present during Lord's passion, and a prayer.

I invite you to subscribe or stop by each day for these reflections and pray that they help us to enter more deeply into the celebration of Christ's redeeming acts during this Holy Week.

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