Sunday, June 26, 2016

Coming this Summer: Pope Francis' Recipe for Holiness

"The path to holiness is simple."

Pope Francis spoke these words in a homily about the universal call to holiness on May 24, 2016.  His words received little fanfare from the media. Folks were not clamoring to the comboxes to deliver their opinion on this statement of his. Even the most ardent of Catholics paid virtually no attention to this weekday morning homily. 

I, on the other hand, LOVED it!

Since the inception of this blog, my single focus has been to "strive for the heights of holiness in the trenches of everyday life." It is not only the goal of the blog - but it's also the goal of my life. After reading the Holy Father's homily that morning, I realized that he has been speaking an awful lot about what holiness looks like and how to get there.  In talks, and Angelus addresses, and homilies, and off the cuff comments, Pope Francis is providing we Catholics in the trenches with a "recipe for


I love to cook. In fact, I had a part-time job for eleven years cooking for the priests at our parish - it was the greatest job of my life. During those years, I was constantly testing and trying out new recipes on a very willing and grateful (albeit captive) audience. I came to realize that the quality of the recipe ensured the success of the meal. Some recipes were written so poorly as to be difficult to navigate - resulting in frustration on my part, and less than stellar reviews from my diners. There is nothing worse than ruining some carefully selected ingredients because of a bad recipe.

The Holy Father, in his various teachings on holiness, has provided the Church with a list of the very best of ingredients and the recipe for putting them together to create the greatest of all possible outcomes - a holy soul. 

I am delighted to announce that beginning on Monday July 11, fellow blogger and radio show host Allison Gingras of the blog Reconciled to You and I will be hosting an eight week blog series entitled "Pope Francis' Recipe for Holiness" . Each Monday will feature a new post focused on one of the "ingredients" in the Holy Father's recipe - peppered with lots of his words and some practical ideas from the trenches. 

I hope you'll  join us on this journey to holiness this summer!  Be sure not to miss a post by subscribing today to receive new posts directly in your email by entering your email address below.

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  1. Looking forward to this series - thank-you.