Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Front Row With Francis: Saving Education From Experts

Head on over to Catholic Lane to read my latest post in their weekly Front Row With Francis Series, which comments on the Holy Father's Wednesday audiences.  Last week, during his audience, Pope Francis spoke about the importance of "Family Education" and the myriad of ways that education "experts" have influenced parents to abdicate their God-given rights to educate their children.

The Pope's words touched me personally.  As a homeschooling family, the education of our children occupies the majority of our family's time and resources.  I am forever looking at curriculum and agonizing over whether I am "missing something".  Pope Francis' words provided some much needed reassurance that the Lord, through the gift of our children, will not withhold the grace we need to educate them.  And so I pray: "Abba Father, give me the grace I need today to guide the hearts of my children - to form them in the image of your only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and to help them to be docile to the will of the Holy Spirit."

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