Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saints Quotes on Gratitude

As we look ahead to the celebration of Thanksgiving, here are five powerful quotes from the Saints on gratitude. What struck me the most about these quotes is that taken together they provide a broad picture of the "attitude of gratitude" which we should have towards the Lord. Our gratitude should be expressed in prayer, for God's mercy, his goodness and the blessings of the past. It should be lived out in both the joy-filled times in our lives and in the struggles as well. Finally, our gratitude should lead us to live radically for Jesus - to the point, as St. Ignatius bluntly states, of being considered a fool.

Have you thanked the Lord today? 





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  1. These are excellent choices, yet how hard it is to only pick 5 faves! Mother Theresa,St. Ignatius, Gustavo Gutierrez (future saint, I hope) you really have me thinking! :) Yes, you are right, we are all called to radically live a life for God.

    1. It really is hard to pick 5 Elizabeth! I love the saints and how they all provide such a unique way of living out the Gospel!

  2. I love all your memes! Are you on Facebook so I can share these? Guess I better look :)

    1. Thanks so much Anabelle! I do have a FB page - it is Saints 365 - please feel free to share - the wisdom of the saints is a treasure to be spread!!!!!