Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Scriptures For the Morning

As we enter into the home stretch of the 14 Day "Heroic Minute" Challenge, here are five of my favorite scripture verses related to the morning. In contemplating these it seems that there is a few consistent themes among them:
  • Our morning should begin with praise and thanksgiving to God. This seems straightforward - the very fact that we are alive to see another day is reason enough to praise God! Yet, more often than I care to admit, my day begins with something far more mundane than praise. The opening antiphon for the Liturgy of the Hours, to be recited first thing in the morning, comes from Psalm 51 and reads: "Lord open my lips and my mouth shall declare your praise." Over the course of this challenge I have begun reciting that phrase as soon as I shut off my alarm clock. 
  • The Lord's mercy is available to us each morning. I take such comfort in this! With God, there is always an opportunity to begin again. Each brand new day brings with it a fresh start - another chance to grow closer to the Lord, to overcome our weaknesses, and live out the God's commandment of loving Him and our neighbors. If it is one message which has come across loud and clear during this challenge it is that I am greatly in need of God's mercy and assistance - especially first thing in the morning. 
  • Because of God's abundant mercy, we can be confident in placing our trust in him at the beginning of each day. This trust will provide us with the grace we need to face whatever comes our way during the day.
For the remainder of the Heroic Minute challenge, I would encourage you to select one of these scripture verses that really speaks to your heart. Meditate on it, journal about it and ask the Lord to speak personally to you through it. 

Please share your own favorite Scriptures in the comments box below! 

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  1. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Debbie. I particularly love no. 5.

    1. Thanks Elise-I am going back and forth between 1 and 5 as my own favorite too! God bless!